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圣路易斯华盛顿大学 | 圣路易斯大学 | 中国学生团契Washington University in St. Louis | Saint Louis University | Chinese student fellowship

Every Friday 6-9pm
Bible Study & Fellowship Gathering


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敬拜 成长 友谊

Worship, Discipleship, Friendship

芥菜种团契是由一群居住在圣路易斯、关心留美华人学生和访问学者的华人和西人基督徒成立的非盈利性的服务与宣教事工。留学生来到异国他乡,要面对生活上的不适应,学习上的压力,文化的冲击,很多时候会引起忧虑。我们拟在生活、信仰、学习、等方面去帮助留学生和访问学者。我们通常在周五晚上6-9:30点在华盛顿大学附近聚会,晚餐6-7点,然后唱诗歌、用中文和英文讨论文化、人生和信仰。礼拜天提供交通到第一播道会 (First Free Church) 敬拜。

Mustard Seed Group (MSG) is a non-profit service and outreach ministry formed by Chinese and American Christians living in St. Louis who have a heart for international Chinese students and scholars. Coming to a foreign country, international students often face tremendous anxiety, with settling into a foreign environment, as well as dealing with academic pressure and cultural shock. We help international students and scholars address issues with life, faith, and studies. We meet regularly on Friday evenings between 6-9:30pm near Washington University. Dinner is between 6-7pm, followed by singing and bilingual discussions about culture, life, and faith. On Sundays, we provide transportation for worship at First Free Church.

圣路易斯华盛顿大学 | 圣路易斯大学 | 中国学生团契

Washington University in St. Louis | Saint Louis University | Chinese student fellowship


What we believe


我们的抱负是要与邻舍、以至世界分享神奇妙的大爱。 我们知道基督使我们获得了自由 (加拉太书5:1) ,而我们也迫不及待与你分享这自由。欢迎你来参加!

芥菜种团契是第一播道会 (First Free Church) 的关联事工。

We believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth

Our fellowship exists to share God’s amazing love with our neighbors and world. We know that Christ has truly set us free (Galatians 5:1) and we can’t wait to share that freedom with you. Come and join us!

MSG is an affiliated ministry of First Free Church.


To find out more, come join us!

逢周五 Fridays

活动 Activities - 7:00 pm

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耶稣说: “我实在告诉你们:你们若有信心像一粒芥菜种,就是对这座山说:‘你从这边挪到那边!’,它也必挪去;并且你们没有一件不能做的事了。” (马太福音 17:20)

Jesus told them, “I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible." (Matthew 17:20)

耶稣说:“神的国好像什么?我拿什么来比较呢? 好像一粒芥菜种,有人拿去种在园子里,长大成树,天上的飞鸟宿在它的枝上。” (路加福音 13:18-19)

Then Jesus said, “What is the Kingdom of God like? How can I illustrate it? It is like a tiny mustard seed that a man planted in a garden; it grows and becomes a tree, and the birds make nests in its branches.” (Luke 13:18-19)

Light After Dark Running Group(See you in the summer!)

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9/3 (Saturday) 11am-3pm
Early Mid-Autumn Festival BBQ Picnic

8/27 (Saturday) 6-9pm
Welcome Night / Gospel Event

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Christmas PartyHome of David and Nancy Williams

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Friday Special Event with Brother Gideon(in Mandarin Chinese)

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Friday Special EventStephan Oliver: A life of spreading the gospel

Sep 6 - Friday Special EventLife Management and Career Planning

Aug 17 - SaturdayMSG BBQ @ Forest Park

July 14 - SundayBBQ @ the Barrons'

Apr 12 - Friday Special Eventfeaturing Pastor Rick Burke

Apr 13 - SaturdaySpring Outing @ Missouri Botanic Garden

Apr 6 - SaturdayPainting Easter eggs @ the Williams'

逢周五 文化/福音 分组座谈 Every Friday - Culture / Gospel Discussions

"属天的力量" 系列座谈 "God's Love" series - Friday Discussions

July 19 - Friday DiscussionSpiritual Power (3)The Power of Tongue

July 12 - Friday DiscussionSpiritual Power (2)Restoring Relationship from the Heart

July 5 - Friday DiscussionSpiritual Power (1)Breaking Down Outer and Inner Barriers

July 26 - Friday DiscussionA Little Extra Wisdom (1)

May 17 - Friday DiscussionAsk for and store the treasure that never fails

"上帝之爱" 系列座谈 "God's Love" series - Friday Discussions

May 3 - Friday DiscussionGod’s Love (Episode 3 – Agape’s Calling)

Apr 26- Friday DiscussionGod’s Love (Episode 2 – Who’s My Neighbor?)

Apr 19 - Friday DiscussionGod’s Love (Episode 1 – Father of a Lost Son)

"圣经与我" 系列座谈

"Bible and I" series - Friday Discussions

指环王创作者 J·R·R·托尔金 (J.R.R. Tolkien), 曾经写到, “我们都渴慕伊甸园的美好,我们也时常能捕捉到一闪即逝的 “伊甸园” 瞬间。我们整个的性情,哪怕是在最优美和最远离朽坏的时刻, 哪怕是在最善良和最人性的片段, 都仍然浸透着被放逐的惆怅。” 他的话告訴我們在人生的旅途中对人性的了解至关重要。

接下来我们将进入一个为期6-9周的新系列“圣经和我”,分享我们各自关于人性的纯全与个性的弱点的认识。特别是在智慧的漏洞,行为的缺口, 情感的误区方面 , 增加对共性和個性的阅历 。

J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of The Lord of The Rings, once wrote, “We all long for Eden, and we are constantly glimpsing it: our whole nature at its best and least corrupted, its gentlest and most human, is still soaked with the sense of exile.” In the next 6 to 9 weeks our new series – “Bible and I” – gives us a platform to share our views on the beauty and flaws of human souls. The episodes in the series include wisdom blind spots, behavior brokenness, and emotional traps among other things.

Apr 5 - Friday DiscussionRise of the Eagle( BIBLE AND I – Episode VII )

Mar 29 - Friday DiscussionBorn Again - Just as I am( BIBLE AND I – Episode VI )

Mar 22 - Friday DiscussionInception - Dream of Reality( BIBLE AND I – Episode V )

Mar 15 - Friday DiscussionHope From One and Friend To All( BIBLE AND I – Episode IV )

Mar 8 - Friday DiscussionMotives of Minds and Hopes of Souls( BIBLE AND I – Episode III )

Mar 1 - Friday DiscussionTraps of Emotions and Flaws of Laws( BIBLE AND I – Episode II )

Feb 22 - Friday DiscussionLove and Valentine( BIBLE AND I – Episode I )