11/18 (Mon), 5:55pm


Light After Dark Running Group

Light After Dark is back!

We will be meeting on Monday 5:55pm in Forest Park, at the West parking lot by the Art Museum.


周一下午 5:55, 我们将于森林公园艺术博物馆外西面停车坪见面。

Google Maps: W Fairview Dr

- the running route will be approximately 2.2 miles

- wear comfortable clothing and shoes

- bring water

- bring a friend !

For more details contact Jordan and Jimmy, or email us at msg@msgstl.org.

- 跑步路线约为2.2英里

- 穿舒适的衣服和鞋子

- 带水

- 欢迎邀请你的小伙伴一块来!

详情请联系 Jordan 和 Jimmy ,或电邮至 msg@msgstl.org